The Level Crossing Removal Project was established by the Victorian Government with the aim of removing 75 level crossings between roads and railways by the year 2025. A key aim of this program is to reduce congestion on roadways in an effort to combat Melbourne’s ever-expanding population.

Over a period of about 6 months, Landscape Plus worked on a long thin site encompassing XX kilometres of roadway and several train stations, with a total project value of $8.5 million. One key section of this project was ‘area B’ or Linear Park, running between Kooyong and Grange Roads. The scope of works for this stage included soft landscaping, subgrade remediation, the installation of several pocket parks, a basketball court, Flexi-Pave, glazed tiles, precast concrete seating and table tennis tables.

Although access to each site was abundant, the sheer size and distance that the site covered proved a challenge from a programming perspective. At any one time, Landscape Plus had 25-30 personnel on the ground, all who needed a rail induction and safety briefing prior to entering site. What’s more, much of the site backed directly onto private residences, meaning the team was constantly working in the direct eye of the public and the community stakeholders. It was important for us to keep the local residents informed of our progress each step of the way during the construction programme.

The client had set Landscape Plus a tight deadline in which to complete these works due to the fact that the public relied heavily on having access to the roadways and parkways affected by the project. The teams worked long hours under close supervision to complete the Linear Park works between August and November 2018.

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LX Area 1 Linear Park – Koorang to Grange Road

client CPB / Lend Lease
value $1,900,000
type Landscaping, Civil and Concreting