Landscape Plus was awarded the external concrete package on the Oak Park Sports & Aquatic Centre in Pascoe Vale by Hutchinson Builders, a project which was completed over 5 months between April and September 2018. Landscape Plus worked alongside Normark Landscapes who completed the soft landscaping package for this project, and the civil contractor XXXXX.

Working alongside the civil contractor, Landscape Plus prepared the sub-grade in preparation for the concrete pour. The external concrete package included the installation of 200mL structural slabs around the pool area, the amphitheatre steps surrounding the pool and the concrete staircases for the building surrounds. Three different oxides were carefully mixed into the concrete to create three unique shades of blue for this project. To ensure consistency of colour, each batch of concrete had to be precisely mixed to avoid colour variations between batches – a feat made more complicated by the fact that this project was completed in winter, when inclement weather makes the preparation of concrete mixes more of a challenge than usual.

Custom fabricated trench grates were installed in the pool surrounds, and the Landscape Plus team worked hard to ensure the levels and falls were perfectly accurate to ensure that any water splashed from the pool onto the concrete surrounds drained back towards the pool and into the trench grates. All the concrete was sealed and caulked to prevent the subgrade from moving following the installation of the concrete.

The completed Centre was opened to the public in late October 2018, just in time for the warmer months.

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Oak Park Sports & Aquatic Centre – External Concrete Package

client Hutchinson Builders
value $915,000
type Concreting