Stage 1 of Riverside Quay was completed for Mirvac Construction over 14 months from early 2017 to early 2018. Landscape Plus was proud to be responsible for delivering such a high-profile public domain project, located under the PwC building and next to Eureka Tower right in the heart of the Melbourne CBD.

The Mirvac offices overlooked this site, which meant that all landscaping and civil works were completed in full view of the client’s management team. What’s more, this project was undertaken under the watchful eye of thousands of office workers, who commuted into work each day and were able to observe the construction works from their offices in the multi-storey towers above. The Landscape Plus team lived up to this close scrutiny by client and stakeholders and were awarded the equally high-profile Public Realm and Bolte Precinct projects by Mirvac following the successful completion of Riverside Quay – Stage 1.

The scope of work included new bluestone paving that needed to be carefully integrated with the existing bluestone pavement on the areas adjacent to the job site. Prior to the paving being installed, an extensive demolition phase was undertaken, which involved the removal of contaminated fill and the installation of a waterproofing layer to protect the new pavement.

Due to the fact that this site was such a high traffic area, work was completed in stages. Hoarding was set up and configurated differently on a weekly basis to allow the team access to certain areas whilst keeping the public away from the construction zone. The demolition phase proved exceptionally challenging, as the noise restrictions dictated that jackhammering and other noise-producing machinery could only be employed between the hours of 5 and 7am, meaning the demolition was drawn out over several weeks.

Landscape Plus also installed custom overhead steel structures that were prefabricated off site, custom umbrellas with heaters and lighting beneath, bluestone-clad planter boxes, precast sleepers, timber cladding and street furniture. This was a challenging and rewarding project in a high-profile location that Landscape Plus is very proud to have been a part of.

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Riverside Quay – Stage 1

client Mirvac
value $1,030,000
type Landscaping and Civil